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Do This 6 Months Before You Enroll in Medicare

Do this 6 months before you enroll in Medicare

As an Independent Broker offering Medicare solutions, I get asked often, “Where do I start with Medicare?” and there are some things you definitely need to do as you approach Medicare age, starting six months before!

First, talk to your doctor. Ask if their office accepts original Medicare, and additionally what Medicare Advantage plans they work with. This is important as some doctors do not accept Medicare. If this happens to you, I can help find a doctor who accepts whatever plan you choose.

Get your Medicare Card. You can apply for your Part A and Part B Medicare card in the three months before you turn 65 and if you continued working and deferred Part B, 3 months before your retirement date. You can apply online at Social Security by creating an account on

Next, find a local independent broker. During this time, you will be bombarded with mailings, emails and postcards concerning Medicare. Celebrities on TV are hawking Medicare 800 numbers. Friends and neighbors may also have their recommendations as well, so how do you know what to do?

Medicare is confusing. No one plan fits everybody’s needs, so find a local agent who specializes in Medicare with all the major plans in your area. If you are in Washington state, I hope you choose me, but if you want a guide to finding the right agent, see my other blog, “How do I Find the Right Agent for Medicare Solutions?”

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