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How do I Find the Right Agent for Medicare Solutions?

How do I Find the Right Agent for Medicare Solutions?

You’re approaching Medicare age. You’ve done the research, read most of the things mailed or emailed to you and yet it’s still confusing and there are so many options. You want to talk to someone you trust about getting the right plan, but how do you find that person? Here are some things you should consider when selecting an insurance agent to help you.

Is the agent independent or captive?

A captive agent is working for only one insurance company. This means they will only show options from that one company. An independent agent is accredited with many insurance companies and can show you many of the plans in your area. They work as your advocate to find the best fit regardless of the insurance company.

Does the agent sell all types of insurance or specialize in Medicare?

An agent that sells home, auto, life insurance, etc. may not be able to keep up with the complexities of Medicare. Plans, enrollment rules, options, copays, areas covered and plan changes each year. Pick an agent that specializes in Medicare. They spend all year educating themselves.

Does the agent listen to you about your wants and needs?

When meeting for the first time, a good agent will mostly listen. They will want to hear about your Medicare coverage concerns, future plans (moving? traveling?),favorite doctor, specialists and preferred hospitals. They will also want a list of your medications. Only then can they help find the plan that best fits you.

Does the agent spend the time to educate you on Medicare?

Only someone who understands a subject can effectively teach it. Your agent should take the time to ensure you understand the basics of Medicare and any level of complexity that you need to make a good decision. From the difference between a Medigap plan and a Medicare Advantage Plan to HMO and PPO type plans.

Is the agent available for year-round support?

An agent who specializes in Medicare will be there for questions and problem solving whenever you need them throughout the year. Need to change your doctor? Help with a billing problem? Encountering unexpected costs? You have an advocate to help. So don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions when meeting an agent for your Medicare needs. You can make sure you are getting quality, unbiased information, and support.

One last point, a local agent is important. You can meet with them in person if you wish and they know the specifics of plans in your area. I am a registered agent in Washington state specializing in Medicare and the advice in this article comes from my years of experience. I hope you consider contacting me for your needs if you reside in Washington!

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